The genesis of this project was born while watching the 2014 Sochi games. I was watching an alpine skiing event and wondered how the US had done in that event going back through Olympic history. I imagined a spreadsheet of apline events down the left and across the top olympic year and medal columns. Results data is easy to find (Wikipedia) so it would be possible for me to construct this on my own after I discovered no such exact presentation of that data was easily found online. Over the next two days that initial idea grew into prototype I had in my mind of an xPages database I could create that would be able to present this not just for US Skiers but for all countries. Perhaps this could be extended as well to all events.
Getting the Data into Notes Documents
Based on my idea for displaying the data, one could imagine a single notes document for each event with fields for each medal and each year. Alternately, a more data normalized option would have one notes document for each result. That result would have attributes corresponding to fields on the document for the year, medal, event, sport, name of the country and name of the medal winner. This, in fact, was the format for which finding this data was the easiest. Since no site that I found had all the data I needed, I put together a master spreadsheet from three sources:Wikipedia,,
Initial Goal
Here is a quick drawing showing what my initial goal was for this project.